Citic Labour Plaza

Changsha, China

Creating a community center for a new district of downtown city

Scope of work

Competition at concept stage



Mixed-use, Retail



Citic Real Estate, Aozhou Real Estate



364,000 sqm


Project information

The Changsha Laodong Plaza mixed-use project is located in the core downtown of Changsha, with a site area of ​​about 36,000 sqm and FAR of 10.0. The oldest Wuyi Cultural Square in the city and the most modern 400-meter high twin tower IFC International Finance Center are within 2 km.


Idea of design

Three 150-meter high-rise residential and commercial towers are arranged to enhance the quality of the residential area and ensure that most residents can have the river view. The design makes full use of the existing height difference, optimizes the multi-level design, combines an east-west historical and cultural street and a north-south business CBD street to pull the flow of people from east to west and north and south, linking residential and commercial.

People are experiencing various life forms in circulation through integration-the traditional cultural district combines with the modern business district, and the popular folk district combines the small and creative SOHO district.