The River Town

Zhangjiajie, China

An urban renovation on a riverside mixed-use properties upgrading to an international folk music plaza.

Scope of work

Master planning, Concept, Schematic



Mixed-use, Cultural



Yijian Group, Guangzhou



340,000 sqm


Project information

The project is located in downtown Sangzhi County, an important county in Zhangjiajie. Beside Li River, with superior location, convenient transportation, abundant environment and culture resources, this project would be a representative of Sangzhi, even Zhangjiajie.


Idea of design

As the most beautiful city in this world, – where Avatar has been shot, Zhangjiajie has a reputation of tourism to its visitors. This project has become the most important revitalization in this county including a farm mart, residential community, local retail resort and five star hotel, and they even included a site museum and a full glass bridge to connect the site south to north. Our client also connected to Los Angeles Grammy music to award the folk music plaza as the key IP for the whole development.

The folk music is the most significant tradition for locals as they will always sing even when they are farming. An whole upgraded design at its folk music plaza is the key element of the development which includes landscape rearrangement on its surface, a underground car parking beneath the plaza, and several other new structures inspired from the local life.
The so called dragon bridge is connecting the folk music plaza to the north river side which also will become a signature structure in the whole development. It is free span like 150m wide and fully glass supportive by steel and glaze.
A five star hotel with several residential community will seat on a 15m height different site to accommodate the retail and car parking for the plot. There is also an on-site museum in side of this block where city relics, treasures and dinosaurs fossils will be exhibited open to the people and visitors.