Participation in the Commercial Complex Building Forum

HAG participated in “2018 new cube series—Commercial Complex Building Forum“on September 13, 2018. This forum invited the heavyweight experts of the pre-planning, development, design, operation management and other aspects of the commercial complex construction industry chain to discuss the trends and prospects of the commercial complex.

The forum is not only a deep exchange meeting for pre-planning, design concept, project management and operation management chain of commercial complex architecture at home and abroad; it is also an academic event for construction industry colleagues to discuss innovation, efficiency and sustainability in the future business planning, investment construction, investment of commercial buildings, operations, and management implementation.

This forum provides a platform for exchanges for construction industry colleagues, and injects new vitality into the development of urban commercial complexes in the period of reform and opening up opportunities. HAG believes that the holding of this forum will provide more inspiration and reference for the commercial complex architectural design in the new era, and promote the urban renewal process!